Forest and Innocence

“Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to… observe that flowers are blooming, the wind is blowing…” Michio Hoshino’s words are quoted next to the picture “In the Rain Forest”. In the museum, the picture stood out to me because it had such a calming effect. (There was also the fact that in the dead of winter, I hadn’t seen so much greenery in a while.) The lush forest contrasted with the white, almost sterile quality of the museum. Everything looked so peaceful yet mysterious. And so, for my project I chose to explore the concept of forest and innocence (and perhaps the loss of it). Looking at the picture, the forest seemed tame but I also imagined a sense of danger lurking behind the foliage.

In stories, forests are usually portrayed like so. They usually represented an unknown risk, a trial to the protagonists. While many fairytales apply in this sense, Little Red Riding Hood came to mind. I want to explore the symbolism and meaning behind the story. I became interested because various fields have different interpretations on it such as anthropology and Norse mythology. When I was doing a little research, I realized that there is so much behind what seems like “innocent” stories. As the saying goes, “There is more than meets the eye.” For example, I read that the Red Riding Hood story could represent the sun and moon, balancing between night and daybreak.

From what I gather, fairytales tend to sum up a bigger picture between people. They simplify complex situations that apply to most of us. Behind the magic and fantasy lies the stark truth. Thus, I think that it will be interesting for others to read my future project. A familiar story would perhaps be easier to follow but hopefully, my retelling would provide a fresh perspective.


2 thoughts on “Forest and Innocence

  1. I like where you are going with the “innocence” in the forest. My question is, do you plan to also show the darkness that is created by forests. I see the mention of the unknown risk factor, but is it possible to show the many risks the forest brings. I agree with you though that your project will be interesting to read because, you are looking at the many meanings behind the story. I also believe the fresh perspective will be nice because sometimes stories are told to often in the same detail that it becomes boring per say. I believe I will be intrigued with your story in the end. Thank you for the interesting read.


  2. This is a great proposal. Your writing style here is captivating. You do such a good job of drawing the audience in with your quote and your description of the piece you were looking at and the impact it had on you. This is a great example of the way that you can portray yourself as an author who can connect and engage with their audience. Also, your idea is very good. I think there are many, many versions of LRRH that will be useful here. I would start looking at them and deciding which ones really feature the forest in a way that you can easily make meaning from them.

    PS: I love the way you used the photo. You really used the medium of the blog and the opportunities that it offers that plain text or paper can’t. Awesome!


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