This semester as my main project, I have chosen the topic of boats. I have yet to decide if  i want to narrow my topic to canoes and kayaks but I might just leave it as boats in general. I chose boats because it is a very broad topic and it peaks a lot of my interests. boats are related to so many things such as; travel, explorations, new land, mythical creatures, building, mystery, and so many more choices, objects, and ideas. The boats at the museum stood out more than anything else because you could tell you could tell they were hand crafted and someone or multiple people put a great deal of effort into constructing them.  Boats interests me because it is something I enjoy doing in the summer as an extra curricular activity, I think boating is something that everyone can relate to on one level or another.  even if someone doesn’t like boating or if they do there are so many things that someone can relate to it with. You could relate to boating with something that’s completely opposite from boating. Like building a house, it takes similar materials to build a boat along with time and patience. A question I have is; what topics, stories, ideas, objects, etc are going to interest people the most? there are so many stories, not just collective stories but movies, books, fairy tales, etc… that are related to boats and boating. some of the stories that I have come up with so far are; The Little Mermaid, Sinbad, Brother Bear, Pocahontas, Noah’s Ark, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Finest Hours, The sea goddess Deities, Poseidon, Sea Story by AS Byatt, and the books I have thought of are called Of Poseidon and Deep Blue. I am not quite sure how this is exactly going to relate or enhance the museum. But, any ideas for that would be greatly appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Boats

  1. I was very surprised someone picked boats because it is such a broad topic, but the topics within boats is fascinating itself. You want to talk about how the boats were constructed, then do it. You could also try to do more research and watch the movies to see why the boats mattered so much. Captain Jack Sparrow cared so much about his boat because it told the story of his life, every time he switched boats, his life changed. If seeing the meaning is difficult then you can always create one for a story that seems as if it fits. I am excited to read your work when you are finished.


  2. You are on a good track here. I think you are right in supposing that people will be able to connect with this. Now it’s time to narrow down your ideas a little bit. What about boats in particular interests you? The stories you mention all contain boats, but which of them feature boats as a prominent theme. For example, the ark in Noah’s Ark is so prominent that it is contained in the title. This indicates that it will be easy to make meaning from that. The boat in The Little Mermaid might be more difficult. You might find a lot of rich stories about kayaks and canoes from Native Alaskan and Native American cultures. There are also a lot of boat stories from New Zealand Maori culture and other Pacific Island cultures. I would look into these, as they will probably feature boats and the meaning of boats more strongly. Good job!


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