Arrows, projectiles shot from a bow into a target. Now how are these important? From the beginning of human history we humans have had to survive. from hunting to protection this was not an easy task. As time progressed tools were made to make life easier. The bow and arrow was not the first projectile tool, the first was a slingshot, then a throwing board and dart. The bow and arrow was made to improve upon previous tools and make survival easier. Arrows can be found in history and also fiction such as the Green Arrow, Hawkeye, Robin Hood, and Legolas, just to name a few. Does the arrow share a meaning across fantasy, and history? Where was the oldest bow and arrow discovered? How old is it, and how was it made? How have these tools evolved through the years? I plan to answer all these questions and more. Covering the history, fantasy, associations, and possible future predictions of these tools, I will help you, the reader, to have a better understanding on this seemingly simple yet very complex topic.


One thought on “Arrows

  1. This is a good start. I think you will find a lot of interesting connections. At this point, you are going to have to do more research to really have a solid idea of where you are going. Which of these stories feature arrows most prominently, so that you can really make meaning of the arrows based on the stories you are using. Which specific versions are you looking at? If you do Robin Hood, there are many versions, from the traditional songs about him to the Disney movie and also more recent films. Start to look into the role that arrows play in the stories that interest you and see what kinds of connections can be made.


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