The Wonderful Colony of Oz

    Dorothy dreamed of battling witches, making friends, and being yelled at by giant floating green heads that could spit fire. She was flying through the air in a giant balloon in a twister when a siren blared. Dorothy woke up and started getting ready for the day with the rest of her family. They walked through the streets of their colony, into HQ, to receive their jobs for the day. While walking, Dorothy thought quietly to herself about her dream. She quite liked the idea of having friends and battling witches, but she knew it was a just a fantasy. The world she knew, was not so magical. She was just going out into the courtyard when the walkers just on the other side of the colony walls started to climb. Up and up, they climbed until they were just visible over the edge, as the guards fired everything they had until the hoard was torn apart. Dorothy was horrified, but awed, at the pure savagery of it all. 


          The colony had an immediate meeting to discuss what would happen now that the walkers were learning. After what Dorothy thought was pointless, political, squabble, the colony agreed to stay and ask other colonies for reinforcements. Dorothy was outraged at this decision and argued with the leaders. She told them she wanted to find the fabled Dr. Frank Baum and the Oz Colony. She told them that she would return with what supplies they could spare and something even more valuable, Dr. Baum’s blood, which granted its host immunity. Her family pleaded with her and told her that if she left, she could never come back. The more she thought about the day’s incident with the walkers, the more she knew everyone who stayed was doomed. She thought to herself: “I don’t care if I ever came back. I’ll find Dr. Frank Baum and the Oz Colony, to save my family”. But after her outburst at the meeting, her family became shamed by the other families as the parents of the child who was clearly out of her mind. Dorothy knew her family would never tell her, out of love for her, but she knew in her heart, her family would never understand her decision. 


          On her journey through the desolate plains of the world, she found three unlikely companions. First, a sentient zombie, who, after being threatening several times, proved that it was not only sentient, but could behave like a genuine human being. His only request was that he wanted nothing more than to gain his humanity back. He wanted to prove himself to the world, and volunteer his knowledge to advance a cure. Second, a robot security guard from before the cataclysmic zombie uprising. Most of his components were intact, including his memories of his service before the zombie D-Day. After asking it some simple questions, it explained that it wanted a chance at serving humanity again. It seemed that the robot had grown fond of humans and wanted only the chance at expressing its affection for them. Third and lastly, they came across a general. Dorothy recognized his uniform. He was clearly colony leader. He had just witnessed the new tactical advancements of the walkers. His colony had fired their entire payload, but they just didn’t have enough supplies to hold off such a sudden attack. He had lost the very colony he was in charge of protecting, and longed for his courage back. They found their way through the path of wreckage of the world before, and found themselves standing before the doors of a stronghold unlike anything they had ever seen. 


           They were scanned by machines to verify what they were. Immediately after seeing the sentient zombie, Dorothy and the other witnessed the full power of their defenses. Hundreds of openings appeared through the wall, and then, what looked like an ocean of guns, and flags, ready to blast them to oblivion. Dorothy, mustered her courage and shouted “If he wasn’t sentient, we would be infected already!”. After several minutes, more guards appeared to do further tests. After the shock of seeing the humanity the zombie expressed, they allowed them all in. Dorothy asked to see Dr. Baum, at which the guards replied “He’s been waiting for you”. She was brought through a series of dark, flickering, tunnels, into a vast laboratory. Dorothy gasped, not wanting to believe her eyes. Dr. L. Frank Baum, the potential key to humanity’s existence was now crippled, and at the end of his life. Dorothy asked if he could spare what little blood he had left, when he beckoned her to tell her a secret. He spoke of a prophecy, of a girl that would find her way to the city at the Dr.’s death. Her blood would be the key to saving the world. With his final breath, he said “Go Home”, and died. 


          Guards immediately burst through the door. After determining that he was dead, they asked her what had happened. She told them of the prophecy, and that her blood, was indeed the cure to the apocalypse. That night, a feast was dedicated in her honor. Afterwards, leaders of the colony, asked her if there was anything further they could do for her. She told them to bring the sentient zombie she had befriended on the journey to the Oz Colony. After administering her blood, the zombie immediately started to transform back into his old self. She then turned towards her other friends and asked them what they wanted to do next. The robot wanted to come back with Dorothy to be her personal security for the rest of her days. The colony leader told Dorothy that, through the journey, he had gained his courage back, and wanted to stay in the Oz Colony. Dorothy packed her things for the journey home, the very next day. On the way, Dorothy thought about how driven she was to set out on her journey to the Oz Colony, how unexpected the journey was, and how the world continued to change even with the devastation the apocalypse caused. She thought to herself, “This world may not be like my dreams, but it just might be magical, after all”. 


3 thoughts on “The Wonderful Colony of Oz

  1. I really like your retelling here. How you changed it from Dorothy going into a new place to her going to a colony to stop a zombie outbreak. It is a really nice twist and I like how in the end when you talked about Dorothy not following her dream but still believed the world she was in was a magical place. The zombie twist was a really good idea considering how big that is right now.


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