The Man Himself.

It all began with a young boy who’s name was Nicholas. Nicholas was a humble boy by nature and it came with no surprise when he gained great fortune from his two parents whom died during an epidemic that he would decide to make the wishes of others come true, so to say. By caring out these wishes, Nicholas would soon gain a lot of un-wanted popularity. Although he tried to do his deeds in secrecy, when Nicholas routinely helping out a poor nobleman with dowry to marry off his three daughters, it became a mission for the old man to figure out to thank for such great gifts. So the nobleman was on the watch and when Nicholas came by and threw a gift through the window, he was ready and ran out chasing Nicholas. Nicholas was caught in the act and begged the man to say nothing to anyone else (identity reasons). Upon agreeing, Nicholas left the man to be. It was not long however, till the whole town knew who was responsible for the great events happening around.

Nicholas’s decisions to help out his townspeople would lead to many people spreading the word about this him across the lands. Nicholas grew older and along the way continued his pattern of helping people out and paying a particular interest with children. He loved kids and supported them with gifts often for their good behavior. As Nicholas continued to get older, through great religious connections, he began to preform small miracles as a practice. Nicholas lived a good life and upon his death marked the day that people began to remember him through celebration. So it began, the annual celebration of Christmas and Santa Claus. Traditionally, every year a Christmas tree would go up, lights and decorations, stocking caps hung by the fireplace, and the count down begins until Santa Claus comes to town. When he does, he would arrive with 8 reindeer respectively named, “ . . . Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donner and Blitzen!”(Moore, Clement Clark) His reindeer would fly him through the sky with his big red sleigh, house to house. When Santa Claus arrived, his first choice of access was through the chimney stack. Santa wanted his first choice to be down the chimney stack because along the way he would clean it with his fur clothing. By doing this, Santa was preventing the possibility of chimney fires during the winter, a common event during the winter. Lowering the risk of house fires was just part of what he did every year. Down he would come the chimney but also along the way bringing a sack bundle of gifts and toys. He worked fast, not wasting anytime because only once a year he comes around. Santa was dressed in red and white fur with blue booties to represent America.

His tummy was round and jiggled upon his giggle. He had a long white bread and in his tiny mouth held a large pipe. After filling the stocking caps and putting a few extra gifts under the tree he would then vanish back the way he came. His impact would make wishes of many boys and girls come true. This is how Santa Claus worked during Christmas for many years until one night during his normal routine delivery of gifts and chimney cleaning; he met a special young man named Kris Kringle. It turns out Kris Kringle came off special to Santa Claus because young Kris had a special looking reindeer in his yard. It made Santa very interested because he had eight of his own very special reindeer. So Santa had a moment to spare and asked Kris if he would show off that reindeer he had in the yard. Santa quickly fell in love with this reindeer because when the reindeer and Santa made eye contact, the reindeers nose light up the sky. Santa knew he had a problem traveling due to the poor visibility of winter conditions and so this reindeer sparked an idea; the reindeer could light up the sky and Santa would be able to see.

Santa asked Kris Kringle “What is the reindeers name”, and Kris Kringle replied, “Its Rudolph.” Santa then asked Rudolph, “with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight” From that night forth began Santa Clauses new journey with the nine reindeer pulling his sleigh full of toys and his new helper Kris Kringle. They become the best team during Christmas because Santa had the efficiency of traveling safer while having clear visibility, courteous of Rudolph. Kris Kringle helped managed Santa’s busy life and made delivering presents more efficient. He also built an elf army in North Pole to build and wrap toys and gifts. This did not last long however, Santa became ill and passed away just before they were gearing up to go out Christmas Eve. Kris Kringle was first devastated and then he decided he was not going to let the world not have their wishes come true. So, he prepared the reindeer and sent out into the night. Kris Kringle from their out become the new Santa Claus in town. He established his home in the North Pole and every year he makes wishes come true now.


2 thoughts on “The Man Himself.

  1. Great retelling of the story. I especially enjoyed how you pieced the story together with Kris and Rudolph the reindeer. I also enjoyed how you retelling was descriptive and added the chimney cleaning part. Kind of makes sense as to why he chose a chimney rather than the front door.


  2. I enjoy how the retelling intertwined the original Santa, Kris Kringle, Rudolph and Christmas.
    & I never knew the original Santa died!
    It’s cool how he cleaned chimneys with his fur clothing, not only giving joy but keeping folks safe. Haha!
    This was a well told remix and it’s neat to see the different aspects of the Christmas story.


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