Perfection Protected

Once there was a king and queen with many beautiful things. They wanted to have a child, but could not. They tried all kinds of rhymes, but theirs were not strong enough to create the magic that is a child. See, the only way magic could be made was with rhythm and rhyme, neither of which humans are very good at. There were, however, fairies in that land that were capable of some mighty fine cadence. The king and queen sought these fairies, 12 in all.

When they found them, they asked for the fairies’ help. The fairies agreed to help and began their poetry;

A king and queen who wish to be

Surrounded by all that is Beauty.

So be there a child, for them to love

A wingless angel sent from above.

Let this one have elegance and grace

While also the most alluring face.

She will grow to dance and sing as well

As any northern light or chiming bell.

This child will be the pride of this palace

And her name shall be, Aurora B. Alice.

Then a beautiful baby girl appeared. The king and queen were overjoyed. A celebration would be held where all were invited, or so they thought…As many gathered to begin the feast, the thirteenth and eldest fairy appeared. She was angered at being forgotten.

She peered down into the wooden cradle. This fairy, Maleficent, was a very wise but calloused soul. She was old and had seen many marvels, but they were outnumbered by the atrocities. Maleficent knew the king and queen use to be great rulers but had let themselves become greedy.

Maleficent did not want Aurora to have to see how terrible the world really was, and added that she was already upset, she made up her mind to protect the girl from the king and queen.

“You can only but tarnish this beauty,” said Maleficent. “If in this world perfection could exist, I believe she could stay, but it does not, and so she cannot.” Then she said

The princess will indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who meet her.

 But, she will do so after pricking herself on a sliver of cedar.

 She will fall into a deep sleep, and only then will she not weep

At this malicious world you have forced her into, and in this sleep she will continue

Unless a force that is good and true, can equal her in grace and virtue.”

Aurora stretched in her cradle, running her little hands against the wood. That cradle was made of cedar, and the infant received a sliver, so into an agreeable dream-land Aurora went. Maleficent vanished, and the others ran to the child. The king and queen begged those fairies to help, but they couldn’t. The king and queen wept. They knew then that Aurora would be sleeping forever, and the king decided to take her to a magnificent but abandoned country mansion and lay her to rest.[9]

Years passed, and the king and queen moved on, forgetting Aurora.

One day a young king from a neighboring kingdom was out hunting. He could see the tops of this mansion, and went to find it. He entered the place and began to explore, coming into a room where a beautiful young maiden slept. This king though was not the kind of man to safely tuck in a sound-asleep girl, but exactly the opposite. The princess still did not wake. Then that king left her too, returning to his kingdom. Nine months passed before someone else appeared.

It was two someones, twins, as beautiful and true as their mother. The babies sought to nurse, but instead sucked on their mother’s fingers. They sucked the cedar sliver right out. Princess Aurora awakened, brought to with two perfections that equalled her own.

The young king returned, finding her awake. He insisted that the beautiful princess must come back to his kingdom with him. She agreed, as long as the children could come too. The king agreed, though he was not fond of children.

At his castle they were met by his very surprised queen. Jealous and enraged, she stormed away into the castle. Indifferent, the king introduced Aurora to this life. The children became bored and wandered on into the castle. They came upon the queen. She tried to hate them, but they were too lovely. The twins and the queen played. Meanwhile, the king and Aurora were together and the king was scheming how to keep her all to himself.

He later found the children and his queen, and suggested a game of Hide and Seek. Delighted, they agreed. The king led the children to a large tee-pee of sticks and told them to hide underneath, then called out the queen to find them. As the queen crawled beneath the sticks to the children, the king set the wood aflame. Aurora, who was watching, screamed in horror. At that moment Maleficent appeared and the fire died. Out scrambled the twins and queen.

“Admittedly, I am impressed you awoke,” she told Aurora. “These children of yours are perfect. But, as you have found, this world is not such that they will last. Humans will be greedy. Instead, let me share your beauty. Let me put you in the sky.

Go now into the night, shimmering ever bright,

Enchanting those who watch the Northern Light.

These children will follow too, becoming the dusk and dawn’s glorious hue.

All will share and all will see, what it is to be free.

From up above you will be secure, to express your true allure.

 So be released now from this place, and inspire those with your grace.”

The princess and children vanished. Maleficent turned to the king, who was crimson with rage. “As for you,” she said, “none such as yourself deserve even a glimpse of their serenity.

You may keep your eyes, but to your demise

you will rest beneath our toes, forever a cold potato.”


One thought on “Perfection Protected

  1. Awesome. I loved the story and the rhyming, really helped make it fell like an old story. I also really enjoyed how you integrated parts from the old story like the children and the rapeiness. You did a great job. I can only imagine how long it took to write. I thought about writing this comment as a rhyme but I gave up.


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