The Return of Snow White

Our story starts in Cooperstown New York, a beautiful countryside town. Cooperstown is home to a very wealthy businessman and his family. They were a very well-known family and a much loved family for that matter. One day tragedy struck in Cooperstown. The wealthy businessman’s wife had passed away leaving behind him and their daughter, who they called Snow White. Snow White did not take the death of her mother well, being a young teen it was hard for her to express her feelings and try and deal with the passing of her mother. Eventually, Snow White’s father remarried and it brought Snow white to act out. Snow White did not like the idea at all of someone coming in to try and replace her mother. Snow White’s stepmom was a decent women, very quiet and kept to herself. She tried her best to connect with Snow White but Snow White wanted nothing to do with it. Snow White had so much hatred towards her stepmom, anything she said Snow White would do the opposite. One night, Snow white, her father, and her stepmother were out on their land with their horses. Snow White was yelling and screaming because a horse wasn’t cooperating with her, Snow White then hit the horse. Her father and stepmother were shocked at such an act. They looked at her and wondered, how can one be so young and beautiful but so evil and cruel? That night Snow White’s father and stepmom tried to talk to her and understand why she was acting the way she was. Snow White was outraged, feeling as if she been attacked. Blaming her stepmom for the cause of all this, Snow White decided to pack up her things and leave home. She walked for miles and miles and finally stumbled upon a small barn. Since it was dark out and she was so tired from walking she decided to stay there for the night. The next morning Snow White observed the barn some, there wasn’t much to it besides seven beds and a few barn animals. Soon after exploring, seven young men entered the barn. To their surprise they find a young and beautiful women standing in their barn. One of the men looks at her and says, “What brings you here miss?” Snow White explains to them how she left her home after fighting with her father, making it seem like her stepmom is this evil and terrible person. The men feel bad for Snow White and fix her up a spot and say she can stay with them as long as she needs as long as she helps out around the barn. Snow White spent a little over a month with the working men and the whole time plotted revenge on her stepmother. One day while picking apples Snow White thought what if she brought home a poisoned apple to give to her stepmom. She read books in the past on how to create potions and poisons and decided to do just that. After making her poison apple she heads on her journey back home. Snow Whites father was happy and relieved when Snow White returned but her stepmother knew there wasn’t something right about the return of Snow White. Snow White told them of her journey and of the garden she helped maintained and showed them the apples she picked. She gave everyone an apple to have, including herself. In the midst of everything going on Snow White failed to realize that she had kept the poison apple herself instead of giving it to her stepmom. With one bite, Snow White was out cold. Left for dead. Her father called 911 and soon after the paramedics arrived taking Snow White to the hospital. After getting testing done they found poison in Snow White’s system and ruled it as a suicide attempt. Her father was shocked, not knowing what to do he decided to send Snow White off to a mental hospital so she could get help. Years past and Snow White wrote letters upon letters to her father telling him how good she was doing and how she was ready to come home but he never replied to her. One day, Snow White got a visitor, it was her stepmother. Although Snow White refused to see her they let her into the visiting center anyways, her stepmom asked Snow White why she had done all those terrible things in her life. The only thing that Snow White said to her was “terrible things happen to terrible people” and that was the last time anyone ever heard from Snow White.


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