Orion the hunter

There is a hunter who is known for his beauty and talent. His name is Orion, the son of Don and Kim who are known as great legends of Yamato. When Orion was a child, he learned to hunt wild beasts in order to protect his family’s herds. Because he lived in a dangerous area he learned quickly how to use a weapon known as a sword. He quickly became very strong and robust as a man. He was popular because he was very likeable around the land and people thought that he was also trustworthy. Orion was often asked to rid the land of creatures since he was the only person who was strong enough to do so. Although it would have been a scary task to the regular person, Orion was always very brave and never turned down the opportunity to help out his friends, neighbors, and countrymen which was in essence due to his boastfulness.

Since Orion was known as the greatest person alive, not everyone liked him because they were jealous of his skill, fame, and beauty.  The king of the land, Owen, in particular was not being praised enough by the people and saw that Orion was taking this away from him so he sent his daughter, May, to seduce Orion. May did not know her father’s plan and fell in love with Orion.  Orion, in turn, fell in love with May and wanted to marry her as soon as possible. Just as Owen the king had planned, Orion went to Owen and asked for May’s hand in marriage.  Owen used this opportunity to rid himself of Orion by sabotaging his relationship with Amy and making a fool of Orion in front of not only Mar, but all of the people of the land.  Owen gave him the task to kill all the beasts in the land thinking Orion would get killed.  Little did Owen know, Orion, through the love of May, fought with more might than ever and did, in fact, kill all the beasts of the land. Owen, in dismay, had to come up with a different plan to get rid of Orion, and he had to do so quickly since the marriage was now just one day away.  Owen planned a party for Orion and got him very drunk and then drugged Orion hoping that Orion would make love with one of the girls that Owen invited to the party. But instead, Orion, found his fiancé and could not wait to spend the night with her even though the marriage was the next day. Owen used the law of the courts to dismiss the marriage and as punishment, burned out Orion’s eyes with a red hot sword that had been heated in air blown coals. Though May loved Orion, her love could not break her father’s jealousy for Orion and was forbidden from seeing Orion.

Now Orion was blind and could not see. He was suffering and was very sad from losing his love and all of the people that once followed him and looked up to him looked at him with distrust, disgust, and dismay.  He did not have anywhere to go and did not know what to do so he started wandering the beaches.  Through all the troubles he had just gone through, he had forgotten that he was the son of the ocean god, Don.  He then got in the ocean and began to enjoy a swim when all of a sudden, the spirit of his father, created a current to bring him far away in a land of safety.  Don, knew there was a healer of eyes at this place but Orion did not know why his father had taken him there. When he arrived at the land of the east, he did not know where he was.  He asked the first person he came across, “Excuse me, where am I?” A womanly voice answered, “Sendai.”  He knew somehow that this voice had something in common with him and asked her name.  She said, “My name is Artemis but you can call me Amy.” Orion, as the great hunter, had heard of that name from travelers far and wide but never did get to meet her until this moment.  He finally got to meet the strongest female hunter in the world. When Orion introduced himself, Amy also knew who he was as she too heard of him in the same way.  After listening to the story about what happened with his eyes, she said “If you promise to hunt a dangerous beast with me, I will restore your sight.”  She explained that there is a beast causing troubles in the town and that the beast is too strong for even her to beat. She went on to tell him that with the power of two of the greatest hunters in the world that there would be a chance.  Orion, wanting his sight to be restored and never wanting to turn down any hunt, agreed to the deal.  As Amy said, she knew the way to restore his eye sight.  She received a magical medicine as recognition from the god of the sun for defeating a beast that had scorched the land.  According to the god, this medicine was made by the power of the sunlight and it would cure any kind of illness. So, Amy tried that medicine on Orion’s eyes and it magically restored his sight.  So, as promised, Orion and Amy went to kill the beast that lurked around the land of Murkmar, a neighbor to Sendai.  The journey of the beast hunt brought Amy and Orion closer together as they began to fall in love. The town’s people of Murkmar and Sendai respected the two for killing the beast and hailed them as the best couple hunters in the world.

As time went on, Orion learned to not be boastful of himself and became more humble.  Amy saw Orion’s change and asked him to marry her.  Orion, with memories of his long lost love from years ago, forgave her father and let her go as he happily accepted the marriage. People from all over the world came to their wedding as it was the most talked about event of the time.  In additions, the newlyweds got offers to hunt other country’s wild beasts so they used it for their life long honeymoon.  For every country that they visited and killed a wildest beast, which was seven. A fire ball was hurled into the sky to give thanks to Orion and Amy.  To this day, you can look up and see Orion and his sword, killing the beasts of the universe.

One thought on “Orion the hunter

  1. I’ve never read the story of Orion, but from what I’ve heard Orion wasn’t the nicest guy in fairy tale history. Seeing how your version changed him into a better guy who just liked a girl and wanted to hunt made me want to believe that this story was the original even though it isn’t.


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