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So I guess I started a blog about the Little Mermaid, Sirena and basically how different people from across the Oceans can come up with a similar story, but different. So I want to continue writing about this and hopefully get more insight on Sirenomelia. Maybe this is where it might have all began, maybe this rare mermaid syndrome open the minds of these authors into venturing their imaginations of a creature that could breathe underwater with half a human figure and half a fish. All I know is that I think it would be pretty amazing if they did exist, as a fisherman, I think I would be scared shitless if I encountered one while fishing for some mahi mahi, tuna, or even halibut.

Image by reddit

image by reddit

I am certain that with this blog, I will be able to find more pictures and videos of individuals who share the same curiosity as I do. Even with what is on the web today, there are so many pictures and “evidence” of mermaid findings that almost make you want to believe that they do exist.  So here’s to my first mermaid finding blog that I believe will be very entertaining, creepy, and possibly fun.


2 thoughts on “Some kind of fishy blog

  1. I love that you are talking about sirenomelia, because I find it very interesting. It would be cool to know if tales of mermaids came from people with mermaid syndrome or if it’s called mermaid syndrome because of its resemblance to the legends. I’m looking forward to reading more about this.


  2. Love the pictures! really gives an unsettling real-world angle about mermaids to explore. Also opens the door to awesome stuff about the roots of legends, especially in the oddities we see in our world and the power of the human form in all its forms. Certainly combines well with the mystery of the unknown present in all the oceans and the paradox of our human lifestyles being dependent on something we have so little understanding of and so much cause to fear. again, the pictures really catch the eye.


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