Seven Dwarfs Are Better Than One

Snow White is the princess of the century. You might wonder why she would be but the real question is how is she not. Snow White got her step mom to legit go crazy by doing absolutely NOTHING. She just ran around and sang to animals, la da de la de do la de da. If you ask me that is pretty badass that some little girl can make a grown ass women jealous by doing nothing expect some weird animal singing shit. Also Snow White got to hangout with seven Dwarfs. Like what?? Are you for real? Who wouldn’t be jealous of that. You can’t say you wouldn’t want to hi ho and off to work you go with those guys!

On a side note, the telling of Snow White is important because it speaks a lot to young girls trying to find out who they are and how they see themselves. Yeah we are about to get in the feels with this one but I got to show how this story is somewhat important besides Snow White just being a badass chick (who also came back from the dead but we don’t have time to get into that crazy mess) Basically the story of Snow White shows how shitty jealousy is and how if you just don’t give a fuck about what people think of you or say you come up on top. Karma’s a bitch so let it take its course and just sit back and enjoy the ride. Oh and run around and sing to animals cause that seems to really make bitches go crazy.


2 thoughts on “Seven Dwarfs Are Better Than One

    • Yes, good engagement, I did not actually originally view it like your interpretations but I do think you bring up good points! I wonder if we can imagine what a younger female would have to say about snow white and how it makes her feel. Or why she would herself would possibly wish to be snow white! Good proposal.


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