Originally a story

The best part of a story is reading it for the first time and taking in all the new characters and story elements that you have never read before. After that first read the story can still be appealing, but nothing truly compares to that initial read, so a story that could keep that initial read feeling would naturally be one of the best stories right? Well the story Bearskin by the Brothers Grimm is such a tale due in part to its many versions that are all noticeably different to any other version, but also in part due to how interesting the stories are when you stop and think about how they are all the same story and any character or situation in the story has been put in less strict and more strict versions of the same personality or outcome as well as being a stark contrast to the one currently being read.

Bearskin is filled with the wonder of the first read each time because each time it is read you can piece together the story with aspects of one or all of the other versions or read in the viewpoint of anybody, not just how you look into the tale. For example you can read the Sicilian version of Bearskin with aspects of the Australian version placed in by yourself and act as though you were the Brothers Grimm looking at how each minor change to “your tale” alters the meaning of the story and the outcome for the entire cast of characters. With Bearskin the options are so vast because the selection of versions to read is so wide and each was made for a different reason with a different mentality behind why the version the author made was drafted in the first place.

To get an idea of what I mean I suggest reading a few of the versions linked here (only if you have time to obviously) with the mentality that each version you read is a completely new story.



One thought on “Originally a story

  1. Pictures really drew me in, you can never go wrong with a dejected stormtrooper. The fact that there are so many retellings of this story sounds like there are bound to be many interesting differences still to be discovered, would enjoy some more starkly contrasting versions. Perhaps even stitching a bunch of different versions together could have illuminating or hilarious results, lots of potential here.


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