Kill Everyone

Antiheroes are the grey area area in between good and evil. They are the group that do not align themselves with a side, and choose to do their own thing. If they want to do what they think is just, that won’t stop them from killing a hero that gets in the way. If they want to take part in an act of evil, they will still kill a villain. Basically, they kill everyone, no questions asked. They don’t give a fuck, and will kill you if you get in the way of them when they’re not giving a fuck. They do what they want, which makes them a super interesting addition to any comic universe.

Deadpool is a antihero that is a superhero that doesn’t care about anything. In the comic book “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe”, Deadpool kills literally every superhero in the world, and then kills the reader of the comic book.

He has a long history of not giving a fuck, and that trend doesn’t seem like it will die anytime soon. While he is technically I mutant from the X-Men universe, he doesn’t side with them, and will often fight and kill any of them who get in his way.

Another antihero is Gambit: a smoking, depressed individual that has the hots for Rogue. The power of boner is so strong in fact, that he betrays the entire X-Men alliance in order to get that booty.

He joins the mutant known as Apocalypse, who is the most powerful evil mutant in the world. But, in the end, he betrays him and ultimately helps with the downfall of Apocalypse. He has bounced around on both sides of the coin, and lands right on the edge.

Rorschach may seem like a hero to some, but he has a very dickish way of going about being a good guy. In an effort to fight crime, he has killed countless citizens and cops who have gotten in his way, and will often brutally murder any villians he finds. He often doesn’t side with others unless necessary, and often chooses to roll solo.

He has killed countless and saved countless. He has brutally murdered some, and saved the lives of many. While he says he’s good, he himself doesn’t truly believe it, and forces his friend to kill him so he doesn’t have to hurt anyone anymore.

All of these characters are good sometimes, and bad others. Sometimes they are influenced by revenge, sometimes by pure justice, and sometimes by the booty. Truly, only time will tell which is the most powerful.


3 thoughts on “Kill Everyone

  1. I love your use of profanity in your blog posts, and this is no exception. It always makes for an interesting, engaging read that I sometimes even come back to. I also love that you are examining Deadpool, because I think that he is an important example of the antihero in comics and pop culture in general. Good job dude.


  2. You can’t really go wrong with deadpool and this blog is no exception. I love how you started with THE antihero and then moved down the line of progressively more caring individuals while still keeping to the ones that proved your point, good job man.


  3. I think this paper has a lot of potential. While reading it I had to ask my friends who these characters were, some answered, and some went on rants of their disgust for “Gambit” and the likes of dead pool. How cool though! having a controversial subject will offer you the chance to receive more input on the subject as to be able to build off of.
    Whats also interesting is that I’ll be working from a different perspective of cartoons than what you’ll be working on. To say the least, our class will have a lot of differant angles of the cartoon world.


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