A Proposal for Princesses.

Once upon a time there was a princess, or was it a peasant? That is what I intend to find out. There are many differences between the many versions of Rapunzel’s story. I plan to talk about those differences. Most people only know the Disney version, but it is gravely different from the original Grimm’s story. I am going to compare and contrast the differences in these two versions.

disney animated GIF


The tangled version is very nice and happy. There are the loving, royal parents whose daughter is taken away and they do all they can to find her. In the original story the parents are famers and they don’t even try to get Rapunzel back.  She is raised by a Fairy and s discovered by a prince.

The vast differences in these stories are apparent. There are, of course, similarities as well. I intend to delve into the aspects of the stories


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