The Original Batman

Robin Hood is awesome, and everyone knows Robin Hood is awesome. In my, humble, opinion that’s pretty obvious. However my English teacher is not nearly so easily impressed, so while I’m really tempted to write “Robin Hood is awesome!” over and over again till it takes up six pages, it may not be the wisest decision in terms of my grade so I have to trouble myself with ridiculous questions like “Why?” It’s completely absurd I know. The things we do to get a C- (That was a joke.)


So, I was thinking about my last blog post and how Robin Hood and the Green Arrow are pretty much the same person, and I realized that that theme applied to a lot more than just the Green Arrow. Think about basically and superhero, and go through this checklist. Does he/she have a tragic origin story or event that launched them into help other people? Do they have an almost ridiculous sense of right and wrong? Do they use violence but try not to kill people? Do they come out ridiculous situations practically unharmed? I recognize that for superheroes are a diverse bunch, and that it’s a bit of a generalization but I feel like  those apply to the majority of superheroes. Do you know who else it applies to? Robin Hood! (If you didn’t guess that at this point then I’m a little concerned about your mental health.) My point is that unlike every Superhero, Robin Hood has been around since about the 1200’s. Now in my very first blog post I said Robin Hood is the original batman as a joke, but he totally is. The archetype of the modern superhero is Robin Hood. He’s the original Batman, Spiderman, Superman, pretty much everyone. He is the original hero, and, therefore, the best. And I may not be able to say “Robin Hood is awesome,” for six pages, but I can talk about that and it’s pretty much the same thing.

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