Who Is Saint Nicholas?

From one story to another; Saint Nicholas may be an old man wearing a heavy red and white coat with a great long white bread with a stocking cap and glasses, to a more religious looking figure.

St Nich 1                  VS       St 13

Credit: Red Santa

Credit: St. Nicholas

How did this come about,

It was not only just how his physical character was different but also his purpose and things he did.

In “The Legend of Saint Nicholas” (TLSN) the story starts out talking about a boy named Nicholas who created numerous miracles and accomplished many good deeds. In comparison, the story “A visit from St Nicholas” (AVSN), the character is that of a much older man with a santa claus type identity. The reference of “A visit from St Nicholas” can be read more here:

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A big reason Saint Nicholas was able to do such good deeds, as told in TLSN, is because as a young child his parents died in an epidemic, leaving him with their great fortune. Saint Nicholas wanted to help others that where less fortunate so he set out to make the wishes of others comes true. He helped out his townspeople with things like money, food, and clothes however, he did so all in disguise/secretively. Why? He wanted to help those people out but knew his people were prideful.

Eventually, Saint Nicholas was caught by a Farther of three woman. Saint Nicholas had been giving gold coins to his family through the chimney, window, and front doorstep so that they had dowry. More about Dowry here: Definition

Once he was caught, he was exposed to what he had been up to for awhile.

St 2 St 3 St 4 St 5 St 6 St 7 St 8 St 9 St 10

Credit: St. Nicholas

There on, Saint Nicholas every December took it open himself to reward all the boys and girls that had been good that year by delivering presents to them.

St 11 Credit: St. Nicholas

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One thought on “Who Is Saint Nicholas?

  1. I find this very interesting, and I like how you looked at it from the two different views. You might also try looking into how the modern day Santa Clause developed through the advertisement of Coca-Cola (I did a research paper last semester and found that the two have a tie) This is a great example of a collective story, especially of one that is meant to teach morals and values to younger generations.


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