Tragedy Under the Sea


Like most fairytales, Cinderella, Snow White, Peter Pan and even the princess in the modern cartoon animation Frozen, all live happily ever after in the end. Additionally, the 1989 Disney cartoon, The Little Mermaid also marries a prince and lives happily ever after. I guess you can say that through watching all these cartoon movies, most individuals tend to have a positive attitude towards a lot of endings in Disney movies, until now.


Sonny Chargualaf


Authors Macey Flood and Hans Christian Andersen both tell a tale about a sea creature known today as the Little mermaid, but not with the traditional ending we are used to watching or hearing about. Macey Flood describes her mermaid, Sirena, who was a beautiful and loved girl who was cursed by her mother to become half fish half woman. All this because Sirena loved to swim and couldn’t avoid the waters. Similarly, Hans Christian Andersen tells his story back in 1836 about a mermaid princess who was also beautiful and loved, named Ariel who wishes to become a full figured human being


Both authors start their stories off with adventures and hopes, but ultimately in the end, both characters pay the ultimate sacrifice for a glimpse of happiness. Sirena ends up being trapped in a cave that she entered during high tides, not being able to exit the cave in time before the tides lowered because she was trying to get closer to home. Ariel also pays the ultimate sacrifice, giving up her own life in order for the prince to live. If you ask me, both stories are truly a tragedy under the sea! What do you think?


One thought on “Tragedy Under the Sea

  1. I like how you compared those different stories well. I remember reading Hans Christian Andersen’s version when I was a kid and cried… I also heard about Asian version(Japan and China)of mermaid and they are really creepy…. You may wanna look into it.


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