Forever chased by a scorpion


There are many versions of the myth of Orion; however, not many of them show Orion as a hero or a legend.

Additionally, most of the stories end up with a pitiful death of Orion.   Many of myths end with Orion’s death caused by his insolent personality.


Many stories say that Orion got killed by a scorpion.  Some say that the scorpion was sent by Mother Earth.  Others say it was Artemis, who sent the scorpion to kill Orion.  The reason why he made one of them very mad was because Orion said that he will hunt down all the animals of the earth.

It seemed very ironic that he got poisoned by such a tiny creature after saying such a thing.

Another story says that Orion got chased by a scorpion and while he was running away from it through Ocean, accidentally killed by Artemis. These stories have been passed down through so many ages and have changed in many ways.  Out of all the stories, I think the story where Orion was killed by Artemis is the correct one because it is the oldest according to the Odyssey.  Even though he died and became a constellation, he is still pursued by a scorpion.

If you think Greek mythology as an anthropomorphic religion, the gods including Orion were imagined in the form of men.  Even with great talents like Orion’s, nobody can be perfect.


One thought on “Forever chased by a scorpion

  1. I really liked how you compared different versions of the story and had the variety to choose one that you thought was the most factual. It reminds me of reading about mythology when I was a kid, but I remember a very different version. I heard that Orion and Artemis were in love and Apollo had him killed due to jealousy. I wish you had gone into a little more depth on how the versions differed and what that said about the story.


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