Disney Magic

In the Grimm fairy tale, Rapunzel was taken from her family by Gothel as payment. She then raised the girl in a tower until a prince came to love her. Circumstances led to her having two newborn children while living on the streets. Despite all this hardship, Rapunzel and the Prince do get a happy end.

In the Disney movie, Tangled, Rapunzel was stolen for her magic hair. Gothel used it to maintain eternal youth. A thief happened to find her and then helped reunite Rapunzel with her long lost family. Somewhere in there, he also realized that he loved her. They get a happily ever aft.

tangled animated GIF

The Grimm’s version is full of lessons like, don’t be greedy, and life can get better. The Grimm fairy tales were meant as lessons and warnings. Disney movies have a similar reasoning but somehow manage to turn pain and suffering into fun adventures with nothing more then their patented Disney Magic. The lessons in the Disney version are closer to become who you want, believe in yourself, and money isn’t everything.

Though there are many differences in the two versions, they boil down to the same thing. A way to teach children life lessons through stories. The Grimm Brothers conveyed their lessons with pain and consequences, whereas Disney uses flowers and rainbows. We all learned our morals and ethics from stories we were told growing up. It just depends when you grew up as to how you learn


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3 thoughts on “Disney Magic

  1. I like how short and to the point you made this post! The summation of both stories and their lessons are great. Disney Magic certainly does play a huge role in today’s youth, but it also makes me want to go re-watch all the Disney movies to see what they were really trying to say.


  2. I really like how you pointed out the disney magic. Most people dont know that a lot of disneys movies are based off a much darker back story filled with events not suitable for children. And you were spot on when you say that the disney staff somehow uses their magic to turn these tales into fun and happy adventures! Good post!


  3. I really enjoyed reading this. The different stories are pretty similar being they are retelling. The Grimm Brother stories are dark but with Rapunzel they do not seem as dark as they have with some of the other stories they have done, such as Cinderella where the sisters had their toes and heels cut off. However in the Grimm Brothers stories it is just saying to not be greedy because if you are not greedy then life will get better which matches up with tangled pretty well. For Mother Gospel it did not end so well but for Rapunzel she found her real family, she found love and lived happily ever after. I believe it is all about your attitude in life and that’s what gets you places.


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