Not Another Fairytale

Fairytales have been used for centuries to express happiness and true love, usually revolving around a princess finding her prince charming. But what if the tale isn’t so fair after all? Snow White is a story told over and over throughout the years in many different forms. The story of Snow White you are going to hear today might not be the fairytale you expected.

Snow White is known as a sweet story of finding your true love, in the movie Snow White and the Huntsman it is a twist on this well-known fairytale. Snow White and the Huntsman is a film about a Huntsman being ordered by the evil Queen to take Snow White out into the woods and have her killed. But in a dramatic turn of events the Huntsman becomes Snow Whites protector and mentor and they work together to take down the evil Queen.

Good always wins over evil. This is a theme in many stories. The way you view a story can make the way you view good and evil differently. That is why retellings are so important. Everyone has a different view on situations that happen in life and getting as many people’s opinions and views out there will just get that many more connections out there for other people. Take the time to read and understand the story being told. Every story needs to be digest and examined. Authors write to get a point across. Finding that point and making connections help make storytelling what it is today.


One thought on “Not Another Fairytale

  1. Nice intro into fairy tales and this re-telling with it’s substantial differences from classic version. Sets up points in the last paragraph really well, and this part is great! Packed with ideas about (especially collective) story telling and how there’s tons of meaning in by whom/how stories are told and retold. Voice, especially towards the end conveys great authority so more points and connections would be welcome.


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