Green Hood Robin Arrow: Because they’re already the same character

There are no new ideas when it comes to entertainment. I honestly can’t think of a blockbuster movie that came out in the past six months that was new material. Everything is either based off of a far superior book or it’s a sequel to a sequel. I set out to write this blog with the goal of comparing two of fictions favorite archer’s, Robin Hood and the Green Arrow. And I was kinda pissed when I realize that they’re the same damn character. Now many people are probably scoffing thinking that they can’t be the same because they’re obviously set in different time periods. But those people are wrong and should be ignored. Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines character as the way someone thinks, feels, and behaves: someone’s personality.”  A character is a person with their own history and morals. Robin Hood and the Green Arrow are the same character just placed in a different setting.

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Before I continue with my rant I want to specify that I am comparing the Green Arrow that is portrayed in the tv show Arrow. If you have any intention of watching the show, you may not want to read this because I’m about to spoil some stuff. A lot of stuff actually. If you recall from my last blog post Robin Hood had a fairly traumatic origin story. His family was murdered. His house was burned down. And he fled to  the woods where he vowed to help the defenseless, by stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. He then put together a band of merry men to help him in his quest. (Here’s the part where I start spoiling stuff). The Green Arrow’s parents are both killed and as a result he vows to help the defenseless by fighting criminals on the street. Later on, he loses his company which takes his house and leaves him penniless. Then he finds other vigilantes and superheroes who join him in fighting for justice. Which essentially gives them the same origin story, but one of them is modern. For example, the great evil Robin Hood was fighting against was over taxation, which wouldn’t really make sense in a modern American city. Crime, however, is a very real and very common problem, so it makes sense in a modern setting to fight crime instead of taxes. If Nottingham had been the victim of rampant criminals and drugs our beloved Robin Hood stories would have looked more like the Green Arrow’s comic books and vice versa. The decision that each of the characters made were ultimately dependent on their circumstances but since the characters themselves are the same and come from the same backstory the decisions they make would be practically interchangeable. If Robin Hood lived in a modern city or if the Green Arrow lived in medieval times the stories would be the same just with different titles.

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One thought on “Green Hood Robin Arrow: Because they’re already the same character

  1. I love how willing you are to tell the truth. Some old author once said that there are only 13 stories, we just retell them in different ways over and over again. You show how true that is with these two charaxters. I really understand what you are saying here.


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