Water World

Water World


Everyone has probably heard about the story of Noahs ark, yet many people don’t know that it is not the only story about a great flood out there. There are numerous accounts in multiple different ancient societies of a worldwide flood. One story is probably most renown then most, and this story would be the one of Noahs Ark! In the bible there is a story about a man named Noah; Noah was called upon by God to build an ark. At this time God was angry and fed up with how sinful and corrupt the world had become. He told Noah because he was one of the only truly holy men left. God warned Noah of his plan to flood the earth. Noah was to build and Ark to save the animals and his family. This ark was to be big enough to house both sexes of every animal on earth, both land animals and birds. God provided Noah with all the necessary tools and supplies to build the Ark and when it was done God also brought the animals to Noah. Once everything was done and all the animals and Noahs family were situated God brought on the rains and began to flood the world, for forty days and forty nights the rain poured from the skies. Once the rain stopped Noah sent out two doves. One never came back and the other came back with an olive branch, signifying that the water was dropping and there was land somewhere.

This story is one of the classic Wrath of God type stories. It shows how just in the blink of an eye everything can change. Noahs ark also brings about questions. Could this event even be possible, could the whole world be covered in water. There are no pieces of solid evidence to support this. The only thing we have are similar stories from almost every ancient culture, of a great worldwide flood. This is what stories are for though right? They were used to pass down events from generation to generation before history books were even a thing. The only proof we will get comes from the stories passed down from the ancient civilizations.



3 thoughts on “Water World

  1. I find the story of Noahs Ark to be very interesting, and I like how you make the connection that in almost in all cultures there is a similar story of a worldwide flood. This does give me a feeling that if these stories are so old and similar from all around the world that just maybe is a good enough relation to say how could this not have been what happened. It is nice to read this story and get that perspective off how powerful god can be like you said.


  2. I really like how you went about telling the story of Noahs Ark and the connections you made with it. It is definitely a story that makes you think and the fact you brought up how it brings up questions about the future was a really awesome point. Also it was good you didn’t relate it just on a religious base even though it’s a religious story so those who are not religious can still make a connection with the story.


  3. I am familiar with the story of Noah’s Ark however this is the only ‘flood like’ story I have heard. I think it would be really interesting to hear about other similar stories. And then later on to hear about how these different stories relate or how they differ. I did like your unbiased stand point though while dissecting and analyzing this piece, it was nice to be able to look at this story in a different way.


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