Slow and Steady

Most people know the story of The Tortoise and the Hare, but what they don’t always know the complete message the story is trying to tell.  In fact there are many more lessons to be learned from this classic tale.

The story starts off with the hare always bragging about how fast he is and how no one is faster than he is.  To make it even worse the hare would always pick on the tortoise, because of how slow he was.  Finally, one day the tortoise had decided that he had had enough of the hare’s teasing and challenged him to a race.  Thinking he had this in the bag the hare jokingly accepts the challenge and when the race starts the hare races way ahead of the tortoise until he he can’t see the tortoise anymore.  Since he was so far ahead and thought there would be no way the tortoise could catch up he decides to take a nap.

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After the nap he wakes up only to see that the tortoise is about to cross the finish line and is in disbelief that he had overslept.  Panicking the hare races as fast as he can to try to beat the tortoise, but to no prevail, the tortoise had already crossed the finish line.

The main lesson that people take away from this story is slow and steady wins the race which is the main point of the story, but there are other lessons to be learned as well, such as modesty and to always be kind to everyone you meet.

This simple story is able to convey very important lessons everyone should learn in such a simple and very comprehensible fashion.

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2 thoughts on “Slow and Steady

  1. Great blog, I like how you started it with a question engaging the audience to think about their childhood memory recalling the story. I thought there was another interesting point in the story you once mentioned. Although it was short, it was directly to the point and pointed out lesson to be learned, which is treating other with respect and modesty. None the less, it was a great read and great selection of digital images.


  2. You did a really good job with the retelling of this story. Since this story is so well known and the fact you gave a different way to look at it was a really nice touch. Like the comment before it was a short response but it still got all the information out and you really got the point across with the amount you had written.


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