Isn’t it crazy how stories can come from all over the world and have some kind of similarity? In the past, there were no texting, internet browsing, postal mail services and basically effective communication around the world. However, in different parts of the world, it seems that there are different stories about the little mermaid and how it may have come about. Many are familiar with the Disney little mermaid that began in 1989, but our little mermaid began before that. No one is for certain on when this story ever began, but I can recall the legend; remembering how it began and what my mother was trying to teach me and my siblings. Macey Flood re-tells this story as she speaks about work ethics targeting a younger generation. My mother, Sonya, told us about a pre-teen Chamorrita, (young Chamorro girl), by the name of Sirena, a native of Guam who loved to swim every opportunity she had, that was cursed by her mother and was turned into a sea creature, known today as a mermaid.

sirena       1_1_0060Sirena was a young Chamorrita girl who had long beautiful black hair, brown eyes, and sunset tan skin. She was admired and loved by many, and was full of high spirits and enthusiasm. However, Sirena loved to swim every chance she got. No matter the circumstance, she would find her way to the waters. One day, Sirena’s mother told her to drop a basket of breadfruit to her brother and to immediately return back home. As she went about her way, She found herself wondering towards the river, unable to resist another swim. After some time, Sirena’s mother grew impatient waiting for her and went out to look for her. Finally, she found her daughter swimming again! Sirena’s mother knew she loved to swim so much that she cursed her and that was the begining of the little mermaid back home. What makes this so interesting to me, is that a story such as this exists. Coming from a tiny little island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, with little to no communication with the rest of the world, my ancestors were able to introduce Sirena.


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One thought on “Sirena

  1. I like how descriptive you are when you’re describing all the people in the story, it helped me better visualize the story and what was happening. I thought you did a good job about connecting the fact about how this traditional story was transformed into a more modern interpretation with the little mermaid movie and I also found the fact that this story that came from an isolated island in the Pacific turned into something that most people have heard about.


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