It’s a Bird, it’s a plane! No, it’s a Blog

Superman is probably the most famous superhero of all time, and is getting crazier over the years. In the beginning (1938), he could jump really high, fly a little bit, is super strong, and has a “super” sense of justice.

1139006-action_comics_1938_number_1 (

Within the forty years between his first comic book and the first feature length Superman movie, he gained crazy abilities, such as being able to see through anything but lead, fly faster than planes, is weakened somehow by the rock that he was born on, and he can TURN BACK TIME BY SPINNING AROUND THE EARTH REALLYREALLYFASTSOMEHOW.

superman-turns-back-time(image owned by Warner Bros Studios)

Now, he has an even wider array of superpowers like freezing breath, heat vision, laser vision, and infinite longevity. He is so super, he has died almost 10 times and either been revived or found out to not actually be dead. But in light of all of this, nothing is as superior as his greatest ability: to curl one of his hairs down, take off his glasses, and no one knows who it is. How. HOW.

Christopher-Reeve-Clark-KentSuperman (

He has captured the hearts of america, and is considered a cultural icon, representing the good ol’ red, white, and blue. Over the years, his popularity has grown, with success in ever aspect (comics, movies, television, action figures, fanfiction[icky],  conventions, etc.). But the thing that has made his role in America so large is the involvement of the american people.


The collective storytelling through almost every possible medium has helped Superman and is image thrive and become an immortal symbol. It has transcended the barriers of a comic book character, to becoming a superhero, to becoming a staple, to an icon, to an eventual immortal. Superman himself may not be immortal, but Superman will live forever.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Bird, it’s a plane! No, it’s a Blog

  1. I liked that the tone of this post is lighthearted, which makes it more accessible to a larger audience. The jokes and intelligent yet informal diction make the content of this post just right for a blog. I would like to know more about the various revisions of the Superman story, like his death and eventual return, and how they are relevant when discussing collective storytelling.


  2. Superman is probably my favorite superhero for the reason that you listed in your blog! I definitely like your connection to superman and America, red white blue. Something that I learned that I did not know before was, superman has the ability to see through anything except lead. Thats interesting. Nice post and maybe you can bring up more about the symbol on his chest and if it changed through different stories or not?


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